Malaysia CIO Conference and MYGOSSCON 2013

In keeping with the continuous effort by the Government of Malaysia to transform its public service, the Malaysian Administrative Modernisation and Management Planning Unit (MAMPU) proudly announce the Joint Malaysia CIO and Malaysian Government Open Source Software Conference (MyGOSSCON) 2013 to held at Marriot Putrajaya on 10 December 2013.

The combined event brings together two of the most iconic ICT events in the Malaysian ICT industry delivering the state of the art technologies and cutting edge best practices for public governance and organisational enhancements.

The office of the Malaysian Government CIO has always been in the forefront of equipping and acculturating CIOs in the latest technologies and ICT tools for Public Service delivery through workshops and CIO summits. 
MyGOSSCON, the annual premier Open Source Software (OSS) event brought about by the Open Source Competency Centre (OSCC) is an embodiment of the successes and challenges, grueling journeys, strugglers and triumphs of the OSS community, promoting and proliferating the OSS deployment in the Public Service.  The Malaysian Public Sector OSS Master Plan is now in the second stage of third phase Self Reliance Implementation that focuses on agency’s ability to implement OSS initiatives independently by managing their own skills management, technology infrastructure and support structure. 

The theme for this year’s conference is Charting the Next Level of S.M.A.R.T Government. The S.M.A.R.T Government, which takes the initials of Social, Mobility, Analytics (Big Data), Radical Openness and Trust, is a progression of the earlier generation of e-Government. The objectives of the conference is to promote awareness, knowledge sharing on lesson learned and best practice pertaining to “Next Level of Smart Government” current ICT mega trend and to provide a strategic collaborative platform between the Public Sector, ICT Industries and OSS communities in realising Smart Government implementation.

Over one thousand participants are expected and they include Government CIOs, CEOs, IT officers, IT practitioners and experts from the public and private sector, institutes of higher learning and members of the Malaysian Open Source community. Participants would be able to engage in intellectual intercourse on Smart Government can present a delightful customer experience through a sustainable and safe public service delivery that leverages on social media, mobility, analytics, open data and open source software. 

The conference would be officiated by the Minister in the Prime Minister Department, YB Datuk Joseph Entulu Anak Belaun. Among the event highlights are launching of the 1Malaysia Training Center, announcement of the MyGOSS and MyMesyuarat awards winners, Smart Government Simulation and Exhibition. 1Malaysia Training Center or better known as 1MTC is a project designed to reconstruct the boundaries between all Public Training Institutes within the public sector. The Government CIO would deliver a keynote on “Game Changing the Next Level of S.M.A.R.T Government”.

The conference is also organised in collaboration with PIKOM, PERJASA, MNCC and GiTN.

Closer to home,  we honour those in the public sector open source communities by organising MyGOSS Award.


Conference Highlights


Smart Government and Simulation Exhibition


Malaysia CIO Conference and MYGOSSCON 2013 Showcase Exhibition will attract around 1,000 participants from various groups including CEOs, CIOs, CTOs, industry leaders, academicians, open source communities and government officials. Showcase and demonstrate your latest solutions and services. MAMPU will demonstarate and show case S.M.A.R.T Goverment implementation.


Malaysian Government Open Source Software (MyGOSS) 2013 Award


MyGOSS 2013 Award is an award initiated by the Open Source Competency Center, MAMPU, Prime Minister’s Department. The objective of MyGOSS Award is to recognise and acknowledge organisations in their efforts in implementing open source software to promote service excellence and effective use of ICT. This award is open to all agencies and organisations in the Malaysian Public Sector.




MyMesyuarat is a cloud-based, paperless meeting management and decision monitoring system based on the open source development model. In 2011, MyMesyuarat was selected as  one of the National Key Economic Area (NKEA), Content, Communications and Infrastructure Entry Point Project to fullfill the Key Performance Indicators of CCI. Up to date, more than 140 agencies have implemented MyMesyuarat. In conjuction with this conference, MyMesyuarat Award is held with the objective of recognising and appreciating top agencies usage of MyMesyuarat. This is to  motivate other agencies in increasing the depolyment of MyMesyuarat in its future rollout . Winners are selected based on the extent of the usage of MyMesyuarat in agencies based on computer generated usage statistics.


Theme Definition


Charting The Next Level Of S.M.A.R.T Government


The theme of the joint conference is “Charting The Next Level of Smart Government”. The Malaysian Public Service has undergone various stages of transformation since the first computer, a huge IBM mainframe, was used in the 1960s.

The use of computers started as a tool for automation, completing thousands of repetitive tasks in a fraction of time taken to process it manually. As with the advent of business reengineering computers not only automate tasks and processes, they also transform complex manual systems into a much simplified, automated ones. As simple communications network progressed into mega-speed broadband technology, Information and Communication Technology or more commonly known as ICT take the public service delivery by storm, transforming traditional Government into e-Government. The Malaysian Public Service e-Government Program officially started in 1996 with the publication of the e-Government vision and Master-Plan. The e-Government vision calls for fast and convenient service delivery, citizen participative policy formation and transparent Government.

After more than one and a half decade of implementing e-Government, ICT has proliferated and maintained a firm foothold in every aspect of the Malaysian public service and its delivery. From the physical counters in various Government agencies to a single – window, digital online real – time public service portal called MyGovernment, ICT has not only transformed customer experience from tiresome multiple Government agency visits to quick and convenient online services from the comforts of home, anytime, anywhere. ICT has also made itself indispensable in the area of planning and policy formulation, which seeks the opinion and participation of the citizens. The launching of the Open Source Master Plan in 2004 has increased the transparency and interoperability of the public service. In short, the vision of e-Government has been realised. Now is the time to chart the next-level of Smart-Government. Hence, it is most timely, that the theme of the MyGOSSCON and CIO Conference for 2013 is “Charting the Next Level of Smart Government”.

What is Smart Government? Gartner defines Smart Government as : “an administration that applies and integrates information, communication and operational technology with planning, management and operations across multiple domains, process areas and jurisdictions to generate sustainable public value which implies a change of focus in how technology is used and succeeded. IDC on the other hand defines Smart Government as “the implementation of a set of business processes and underlying information technology capabilities that enable information to flow seamlessly across Government agencies and programs to become intuitive in providing high quality citizen service across all Government programs and activity domains.

Smart Government is a progression of the earlier generation of e-Government. The Smart (S.M.A.R.T) Government takes the initials of Social (S), Mobile (M), Analytics and Big Data (A), Radical Openness (R) and Trust (T). Hence Smart Government is made up of elements of social, mobile, analytics, radical openness and trust. Each one of these will be explained:


Social: means that the public service is not only highly personalised, friendly, quick and convenient. The Smart Government allows citizen and civil society to co-create with the Government using technologies such as social media. It brings the Government for the people, by the people to a whole new level where citizen participation and collaborative is key in Smart Government.


Mobile: Smart Government entails using the latest mobile technologies to deliver information, services and get inputs and contributions from citizens, wherever and whenever they want by SMS, WhatsApp and etc using mobile networks and cloud computing at the back-end.


Analytics and Big Data: Smart Government employs Big Data Analytics to drive policy formulation and action.


Radical Openness: Smart Government practice ‘open’ by default with implementation of Open Source, Open Data and Open Government. This new approach to openness radically increases transparency and engages citizens in co-creation of services. Business leverage on open data and open government platform in public-private sector collaborative to innovate new services.


Trust: Smart Government implements effective cyber security so that services are resilient, available and protect privacy.

To put it in a nutshell, Smart Government must present a quick and convenient connected Government experience through a sustainable and safe public service delivery that leverages on license-free open source software co-creation by the citizens through open data and open government platform. Towards the Next Level of Smart Government, a series of papers covering these imperatives have been lined up for your intellectual discourse.


Conference Highlights:


1. Officiating ceremony by YB Datuk Joseph Entulu Anak Belaun. Minister in Prime Minister’s Department

2. Keynote Address ‘Game Changing The Next Level of S.M.A.R.T Government’ by Government Chief Information Officer

3. MyGOSS 2013 Award

4. MyMesyuarat Award

5. Launching of 1 Malaysia Training Centre

6. SMART Government Simulation Showcase and Exhibition.




Informative and technical presentations for both CIOs and OSS participants will be featured on S.M.A.R.T Government forum

S  (Social)

M (Mobile)

A (Analytics and Big Data)

R (Radical Openness)

T (Trust)
















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